Melvin & Hamilton X Osapiens X Club Cooee

We’ve teamed up with Melvin & Hamilton, as well as Osapiens, to create a bridge between reality and the Metaverse.

Thanks to the possibilities of NFC technology, we have managed to bring real life shoes into the Club Cooee Metaverse.

Shoes by Melvin & Hamilton stand out through their unique personality, that combines modern and tradional fashion values. With love to the detail, discipline and critical reflection, they not only create trends, but lasting products with a soul. The company Osapiens stands for innovation. With their technologies they establish systems of transparency, predictability and trust for global supply chains.

What exactly have we done?

Osapiens has built in NFC chips into the shoes by Melvin & Hamilton. This technology allows these shoes to be scanned with any NFC-compatible smartphone. Doing so makes it possible to receive a “digital twin” of your shoe in the Club Cooee Metaverse. Now you can own the same pair of shoes in reality, as well as digitally to coordinate your look with that your virtual Cooee avatar. You can present yourself in a even more impressive way by staging your Cooee avatar in the real world by means of our AR features.

The whole process is demonstrated in following video by Osapiens:

Of course this process can also be reversed. To be precise, you can place links on digital items to refer to a website that enables one to purchase real life products out of the Metaverse.

Melvin & Hamilton’s first introduced this innovation at the Gallery Shoes Convention 2022, where it was possible to try everything out live. 

After this initial success we see great potential in this area and are planning further future developments.