Brasil DJ Spotlight Event

Bringing elements from the real world into the digital world has always been one of our biggest visions driving us at Club Cooee from the very beginning. Starting with our first very successful virtual live performance by singer/songwriter Scotty McCreery in April 2020, we managed to get an impression of the possibilities opening up for us in this area. That’s why we were especially glad that this year we had the opportunity to realize a large scale digital event series that stretched over 5 weeks in the Brazilian region. We worked with a total of five DJs, in cooperation with whom we hosted concert events live in the digital world of Club Cooee. Each of them ran over the span of one weekend. 

Our so-dubbed “DJ Spotlight”-series started on February 19th and ran until March 21st 2022. Each artist received an individually designed club room with their corresponding logos, in which they could find themselves as digital avatars performing at a DJ station. During these event, all visitors also had the chance to pick up a gift that was created especially for this event and was found at the concert location. 

Promotion happened not only via various social media channels by Club Cooee itself, but also through the DJs advertising on their own pages and channels. We created and provided seperate event flyers for each of the DJs. Additionally, the artists all made selfie videos, in which they personally invited their fans to join in and play their featured songs in Club Cooee within the given event period. In doing so the users received rewards in form of Experience Points as well as Cooee Cash, the digital currency of our 3D chat world, in return. 

In general, it can be said that the event series was a major success for our platform and the participating DJs alike.