Avaion x Club Cooee


We ended 2022 with a bang at Club Cooee when the popular DJ AVAION performed at his first ever virtual concert for Cooee users all around the world.

The two concerts in total, the first one happening from Dec 2-4 2022 and the second one from Dec 30 2022 – Jan 1, 2023, were a huge success, as they were visited over 60,000 times by more than 24,000 users. Needless to say, the virtual concert space, which was custom-designed to match AVAION’s aesthetic, was packed with users enjoying his futuristic beats. 

Cooee users definitely couldn’t get enough of AVAION’s catchy tunes and played 10 of his songs on YouTube over 75,000 times for our Spotlight event, during the concert. 

The DJ and composer from Germany even premiered his brand new song “Don’t Wake Me Up” with the artist Why So Sad with us, which made the concert extra special. 

AVAION is notorious for his highly successful single Pieces, which was released in 2019. The electronic song with its beautiful and melancholic lyrics not only reached 4 Million views on YouTube, but was also awarded gold! No wonder our users loved the concert so much!

AVAION is signed with Sony Music Entertainment Germany. The company is a division of Sony Music Entertainment, one of the world’s leading music companies. They’re located in Berlin and do impressive work with countless, reputable artist, one of them being AVAION. 

Working with a company and an artist like that was very exciting and of course, the goal was to make the most out of the experience for the users. To come as close as possible to the experience of being at a concert in real life, AVAION received his own virtual avatar, so he was able to party with the crowd behind his DJ station, the whole time.

Our users went crazy over his amazing music and have been rocking the dance floor in their exclusive AVAION merch outfits. The outstanding look, with specials such as beautiful Hologram Wings and a Hologram Wolf, an amazing splittering effect, and a cool crystal heart for the avatar, was the icing on the cake and is still super popular among the users. Definitely a concert to remember!

We’re very happy to look back at such a successful ending of the year! It was amazing to see how much the users loved the concert and a huge thanks goes out to AVAION and Sony Music Entertainment Germany for the collaboration!