Here comes Club Cooee!

Club Cooee is counting down to launch!

„Cooee!“ is a traditional Aborigene call that is still being used in Australia today to communicate with each other over a longer distance. It means something like: “I am here – and where are you?”

And this call will soon resound all over the internet too!

Club Cooee is more. More than a messenger system, more than a chat environment, more than just another client to download.

Club Cooee takes place in realtime and 3D on your desktop. No dull and boring programme window, no browser – you and your buddies, you can move within an environment you create yourselves.

For a start we will provide you with loads of items you can use to furnish your rooms. There will also be different clothing styles and other means to design your own personal avatar.

The Cooee shops will soon offer even more means to express yourself.

YOU will be the ones who will create the Club Cooee world, YOU will populate the Cooeeverse, YOU will make friends in the chatrooms and lounges, YOU will spend quality time with your friends in your own rooms.

The only thing WE do is to provide you with the means to do so. Club Cooee – that is YOU!