Club Cooee available on Google Play

Hoooooray! Club Cooee has gone mobile! When we started working on Club Cooee ten years ago, mobile devices were in no way powerful enough to drive experiences such as Club Cooee. But as of today, and after many months of hard work, the Club Cooee mobile app is available on Google Play! For the mobile version, we had to create a completely new user interface design and interaction model. Club Cooee on mobile features a colorful and vibrant user interface. We have put in all our high-end gaming tech know-how in order to make Club Cooee parties with more than 30 full-featured 3D avatars possible on Android devices. We hope our users like what they see. With Club Cooee mobile, our users can now carry a thousand parties in their pocket. We know that many users have made Club Cooee part of their daily lives. Now they can stay connected with their Cooee friends 24/7 wherever they are and on any device!