Club Cooee available on Apple App Store

We are excited that as of today Club Cooee is available on Apple App Store. We are thankful to all of our beta users without we would have not been able to fix all those nasty bugs in the last months. Now that Club Cooee is availble an iOS devices it is a truly cross platform experience. No matter where you are or what device you have may it be Windows, MacOS, Android or iOS: you can be part of Club Cooee and you are connected to your Cooee friends and family.

Having a cross platform product like Club Cooee is a big thing for us. Driving experiences like Club Cooee where dozens of full featured and fully customized 3D avatars join music parties in crazy user generated places is a real challenge and it requires a lot of proprietary technology. We are 3D game developers at heart and it took all our expertise to create the tech stack behind the Club Cooee experience. With the 4th platform we now reached quite an important milestone. But it is just a milestone and the best is yet to come and we are thankful for the millions and millions of users who made Club Cooee a part of their life. Thank you!